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Adnormous Graphics specializes in jobs which other production houses might consider too tricky, too unique, or have the possibility of being too time consuming. Yet, those are just the kind of creative challenges that we really enjoy sinking our teeth into. Here are some samples of the types of projects we regularly design, print, and install:


A few weeks after talking with Mogul advertising agency, Adnormous was awarded the contract to wrap Ferrari of Atlanta's 53 foot race trailer. The art was provided by the marketing agency. Because Ferrari of Atlanta made it clear that they would only accept perfection when it came to the appearance of their trailer, Adnormous printed the wrap with the utmost precision. This was nothing new to us, since we already use that as the standard protocol for any job we complete.

The first three days were spent removing the old vinyl graphics from the trailer. We used High Temp pressure washers, chemicals, and plain elbow grease to get the job done. Not the fun part of wrapping, but part of the job none-the-less.

After the removal, we prepped the trailer for install. We first pressure washed all the chemicals off and sanded any spots on the trailer that had rust or paint issues. After 4 hours of final prep...we were ready for the install.

The install was to be done at Ferrari of Atlanta, and outside...which adds a good bit of complication to the install. But luckily, Mother Nature was on our side, and the two day install went off without a hitch. Overall, the project had some tricky elements, especially with the removal of 9 year old vinyl from a race trailer, but we handled it without troubles. We have since done graphics for their delivery truck and their golf cart.

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