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Stadium Wraps

What's good for the advertiser is often good for the vinyl installer, at least when it comes to new trends in outdoor advertising.

Stadium graphics and all out stadium wraps are one such example. Stadium graphics, of course, are nothing new. But major stadium wraps are emerging as the next major trend in sports advertising, one aspect of outdoor advertising.

Out-of-home advertising industry revenue grew 7 percent in 2007, accounting for $7.3 billion in total spending, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America.

"Out-of-home was one of the strongest performing media segments last year, growing at a pace higher than the overall ad industry," says OAAA Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Freitas. "Despite a slowing economy, the out-of-home industry posted a moderate gain in the first quarter of 2008."

Breaking Down the Demographics

The sheer demographics are driving the trend toward stadium wraps, and it's important for vinyl installers to understand that. Stadium goers are sports fans first, but consumers of various products and services second.

That offers a two-fold opportunity: (1) dressing up the stadium to appeal to the home crowd, complete with mega player banners and pole wraps, and (2) wrapping kiosks, concession stands, souvenir stores and even trash bins with advertising for cars, clubs and everything in between.

Why do you need to understand the advertising opportunities in stadiums? So you can help to sell it to your client.

Stadium owners themselves are your primary opportunity. Beyond the interior wraps, you can also sell your potential clients on mega wraps of the building's exterior. This is a savvy way to advertise the stadium on the sly, using artistic images that won't force an advertising permit.

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