Buildings & Venues

Window Graphics

ADNORMOUS utilizes the latest in digital technology by applying high-resolution photo quality graphics to windows.  The product displays a perfect image from the outside but is see-through from the inside.  In addition, the covering has the added benefit of working as an effective sunscreen.  Digital window graphics are ideal for retail storefronts, multi-story businesses, or public buildings.

Window Etching / Tinting

ADNORMOUS provides window etching and tinting for both decorative and marketing reasons.  Using a full range of film-based solutions, we can allow the amount of light into your building that you desire to suit your working environment.  Etched and tinted glass may be used extremely effectively to screen one area from another or create a particular look or feel.  Using film, rather than directly etching onto or changing the color of the glass, is flexible and cost effective.

Wall Coverings

Digitally designed, printed wall coverings allow designers to use their full creativity to customize your wall-related applications.  We provide wall graphics for both indoor and outdoor wall environments. ADNORMOUS wall coverings offer an exciting design and promotional opportunity, whether it is a luxury hotel, school, boardroom, sports arena, stadium, shopping mall, or construction site.

Floor, Pavement and Street Graphics

Floor graphics have become a proven promotional tool for supermarkets, shopping malls, sports arenas, airports, hotels, retail stores, and other gathering places.  Floor graphics are used both internally and externally on sealed or unsealed surfaces, such as tile, concrete, brick pavers, and asphalt.

ADNORMOUS prints your image onto a heavy-weight scuff and slip-resistant polymer with a removable adhesive on the underneath.  They are easy to apply and remove, temporary or semi-permanent, and available in unlimited size and shapes.

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