We Provide Large Format Printing on The Following Types of Media...


  • 3M Scotchcal ElectroCut Graphic Film Series 7125

This is a 2 mil, durable film for permanent, pre-spaced, electronically-cut graphics produced by screen printing or thermal transfer printing. It has clear, pressure-sensitive adhesive and is available in more than 60 colors. Applications include emblems, vehicles, labels, signs, windows and more.

  • 3M Scotchcal High Performance Graphic Film

This is also a 2.0 mil film, available in a wide variety of standard colors as well as custom orders. Features: premium cast vinyl film coated with an OEM approved permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive for exterior use, repositionable which helps make sure we have less mistakes during installs.

  • 3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes

3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes were used by Adnormous to decorate the main lobbys of the three "W" Hotels in the Metro-Atlanta area.  The amount of detail within each pattern and design gives these materials, without a doubt, the most depth.  Speaking of designs, DI-NOC included more than 600 patterns and designs: offering unlimited creativity and architectural freedom. Now you can create a multitude of visual experiences with the added assurance of 3M's time-proven experience.  DI-NOC architectural finishes are durable, cleanable, and flexible PVC films with 3M's Comply Adhesive air release channels for fast, easy, and virtually bubble-free application, which saves time during the installation.

Use DI-NOC architectural finishes in place of, or to enhance, natural materials. These architectural finishes have excellent adhesion and flexibility, which allows them to be used indoors or outdoors on flat or complex curved substrates, walls, furniture, fixtures, etc. Some of the architectural finishes can also be applied to three-dimensional surfaces and/or thermoformed.  These products are ideal for both new construction and remodeling applications. Visit the following link to see samples of their faux woods, select colors, and more.

3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes

  • 3M Scotchcal ElectroCut Film Series 1170

This film has been specifically developed for optimal cutting, weeding, lifting and transfer features when used with computer aided sign-makers. Available in a multitude of colors.  We use this film when we are die cutting graphics in a solid color.

  • 3M Scotchcal Perforated Window Graphic Film IJ66

Film IJ66 is a 5.8-mil vinyl film with a 40% perforated pattern and a removable, pressure-sensitive adhesive. This film allows a full image to be seen on the outside of a window while allowing viewing through architectural and non-regulated vehicle windows from the inside. This short-term promotional film is intended for piezo inkjet printing and screen printing.  This film is best if used for a short period of time, then just thrown away.

  • 3M Scotchcal Perforated Window Graphic Film IJ8171

We get this 4 mil cast, vinyl film to make removable, high gloss architectural and vehicle window graphics using selected piezo ink jet printers. The 50 percent perforation pattern allows a full image to be seen from the outside while still allowing good viewing from the inside.  We have to be sure not to put it on windows that have a tilt of about 20 degrees or more toward the horizon line...because it causes any 50/50 window perf to become almost imposible to see through.

  • 3M Scotchcal Translucent Graphic Film IJ3630-20

Customers and installers like this 2 mil film for flat or thermoformed backlit graphics that have uniform color in both reflected and transmitted light. This white, translucent film has a synthetic lay-flat liner and clear, pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is approved for making permanent interior or exterior graphics on selected piezo ink jet printers.

  • 3M Scotchlite Reflective Graphic Film IJ680-10

We love relective accents on wraps, and this stuff works.  It's an opaque, positionable, reflective film to increase nighttime visibility. It has pressure-activated adhesive for easy installation, and it is designed for use with selected piezo ink jet printers.  Taking it off (after more that a year on the car) is a real time consumer. 

  • 3M Scotchcal Translucent Graphic Film 8628 ES

Used indoors or out, this translucent film is ideal for creating four-color backlit signs and window graphics. It features pressure-sensitive adhesive and is designed for use on flat surfaces such as 3M flexible substrates, acrylic or glass.  We order this all the time to be used in designs with window etching film...gives depth to the graphic.

  • 3M Scotchlite Reflective Graphic Film Series 680

Use this durable, flexible, enclosed-lens, retro-reflective film to make permanent, multicolor commercial signs, striping, vehicle or railroad graphics. These graphics have a similar daytime and nighttime appearance. The film has positionable, pressure-activated adhesive and a total thickness of .007 to .008 inches.  This stuff is AWESOME, we have one of the company cars done 100% in this material...it looks amazing.


  • Dry Erase

Write-on/wipe-off opaque vinyl with a permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive.  Create dry erase boards or dry erase signage.  Flat applications.  Use of dry erase markers required.  Not for use with thermal transfer printing
  • Easy Removable

Calendered vinyl film with removable adhesive ideal for use with temporary graphics.  Removable up to 1 year after application.
  • Enamel Receptive

A white calendered vinyl with 2 year durability, top-coated to be painted with a variety of paints.  Designed for promotional and temporary interior applications.  The suitability of a particular paint should be determined prior to use.
  • Etchmark

Exclusive cast vinyl film with 5 year durability designed for use in the expanding window graphics market.  Provides the look of real etched glass at a fraction of the cost by eliminating the need for sandblasting.  Not printable. 
  • Fluorescent

A cast vinyl film with pigmented adhesive.  Designed for promotional and short-term flat, exterior applications. 
  • Graphic Arts

Masking films on clear polyester for blocking light while exposing stencils or film.  Ruby is light-safe, while Amber is see through, although it may require some exposure adjustment.
  • Holographics

A light-diffracting metallized, UV-stabilized, rigid vinyl film designed for indoor promotional use in signs, decals and POP displays.
  • Leaf

High-performance cast film, with 5 year durability and a three-dimensional holographic look.  Not printable.  For flat applications. 
  • Light Control Diffuser

Diffuser film is designed to diffuse light when applied to both flexible and rigid substrates.  Conforms over simple curves.
  • Light Control Block Out

Block-out film provides a complete ligh-blocking barrier.  Conforms over simple curves. 
  • Metalized

Polyester film designed for interior and promotional applications. 
  • Paint Mask

A calendered vinyl film with a removable adhesive.  Clean removal from most OEM surfaces up to 1 year when removed promptly after painting and curing cycles.  Designed for computer-cut stencils used in making painted signs.
  • Pearlescent

High-performance cast film with 5 year durability.  These vinyls offer exceptional luster when used as decorative decals, accent striping and die-cut parts for automotive, marine and recreational vehicle applications.  Thermal transfer printable and conformable over rivets. 
  • Perforated Window Film

A white perforated calendered vinyl film for flat applications suitable for screen and thermal transfer printing.  Designed to be mounted on the exterior of windows.  Graphics are visible from the outside, but provide a clear view from the inside.
  • Printed Film

Upgrade the background of your sign to marble, wood or carbon fiber look for a fraction of the cost.  Intermediate film with 2 to 3 year durability with a tough, scuff resistant surface treatment.  Suggested uses include computer-aided sign making, displays, directories and backgrounds.  For flat applications.
  • Static Cling

Calendered flexible PVC.  Clings to most clean, dry, polished surfaces without adhesive. 
  • True Shadow

A semi-transparent cast film with 7 year durability, intended to increase the dimension of vinyl graphics and create the look of an authentic shadow.  Thermal transfer printable and conformable over rivets and corrugations. 


  • V800M Vinyl

3.5mil, permanent adhesive, satin white coating, for use with dye inks, for indoor use
  • V880WR Vinyl

3.5mil, permanent adhesive, satin white coating, for use with pigment inks, water resistant, outdoor use with lamination
  • V890WR Vinyl

3.5mil, permanent adhesive, satin white coating, for use with pigment inks, water resistant, outdoor use with lamination
  • TYV890WR Tyvek Banner

9.8mil/110g/m, matt, for use with pigment inks on thermal printers;

Canvas, low glare
  • V209TH

High performance 2.3mil white high performance vinyl with PET liner, clear solvent based adhesive, high gloss finish
  • HX200WG/1

2.5mil white high performance vinyl, gray solvent based repositionable adhesive, PE liner, gloss finish
  • MICRO2

Micro-perforated 5mil one way vision window film; white vinyl, black adhesive side

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